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Porsche Unveils Awesome 2.1 MWh Megapack-Like Mobile Charging System For Electric Cars

Porsche unveiled a mobile charging solution consisting of a 2.1 MWh Megapack-like battery system in a trailer that can charge 10 electric cars at once.

The EV industry is still trying to figure out all the details of the charging infrastructure required to support electrification. For remote places and events, some are working on interesting mobile charging solutions.

Audi has deployable containers with batteries and chargers. Tesla has built a trailer with a Megacharger, its large energy storage solution, and several Supercharger stalls linked to it. The automaker has used it to increase capacity at some Supercharger stations when needed, and more recently, they made it available for the Tesla Corsa track experience.

Now Porsche is unveiling a similar system for its own track and owner experience events.

The system is quite impressive with 3.2 MW power rating capable of charging 10 Taycan electric cars at once. The system is equipped with 2.1 MWh of batteries capable of proving 30 full charges.

Ragnar Schulte, director of experiential marketing at Porsche, commented: “We have now used the trucks at numerous events all over Europe and have carried out around 5,000 charging operations — sometimes at extreme temperatures down to minus 40 degrees. Their performance has therefore been tried and tested.”

In a new press release about the new charging solution, Porsche indicates that it has several trucks equipped with the battery and charging system.