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Zoomcar Launches “Zoomcar Green” Program To Promote Eco-Friendly Car Usage

Zoomcar, the largest car-sharing marketplace covering emerging markets and dominating the self -driving car market in India, announced the launch of “Zoomcar Green” program by Q2 of 2023. The program comes in support of the market dynamics to move forward towards using electric cars, to help provide more opportunities to sustainably transform the car-sharing industry.

For additional financial incentives, the program aims to encourage electric car owners to rent their cars via the Zoomcar platform. It also offers supplying them with a tonger to recharge the batteries, encouraging the transformation towards electric and hybrid cars to replace the ones with IC engines gasoline and gas”. Thus, it contributes to drive the decarbonization, in line with mitigating climate change strategies.

In this context, Hany Olma, the VP and Country Manager of Zoomcar Egypt, expressed optimism of the new program, saying: “Through Zoomcar Green Program, we are keen to create a greener environment by extending the eco-friendly car market, with investments amounted at $2 million over a period of up to 12 months and plan to reach the highest ROI.”

“A team will be dedicated to provide both car owners and renters with a unique customer experience, thus contributing to building an integrated and sustainable ecosystem, and promoting the green economy. This comes as a part of our commitment to improve the quality of life for future generations, in line with COP27 recommendations to transform towards using electric cars. Our program is also a part of our social responsibility to preserve the environment in order to mitigate climate change.” Olma added.

It is noteworthy that Zoomcar launched its services in Egypt in 2021 with total investments estimated at $25 million. About 20,000 bookings were recorded last year. Furthermore, the company announced a final merger agreement with Innovative International Acquisition Corp last month, under which the company is listed on the US Nasdaq Stock Exchange.