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China India New Launch

Xiaomi’s Newly-unveiled SU7 EV Quietly Brought to India

Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi has discreetly brought its newly-unveiled electric car, the SU7, to India, potentially eyeing the market for a future launch.

The car will be showcased in Bengaluru, although the company has stated there are “no plans” for an immediate launch in India. This exhibition may be a move to test the waters in the Indian car market or to celebrate a decade of Xiaomi’s business operations in the country.

The SU7, also known as the Speed Ultra, is a significant project for Xiaomi, with a global investment of USD 10 billion into the automotive sector. Deliveries of the SU7 began in China in March, where it has seen a strong initial reception. The base model of SU7 is priced under USD 30,000 (around INR 25 lakh). This is approximately USD 4,000 (INR 3.3 lakh) cheaper than the base model of Tesla’s Model 3 in China.

“The idea is to showcase the strength of Xiaomi as a brand and show its diversified product portfolio, beyond smartphones which currently is its biggest consumer product,” a source revealed. The company aims to highlight its breadth of products, including household appliances, by displaying the SU7 in Bengaluru.

Xiaomi provides two versions of the SU7. One version offers a driving range of up to 668 km on a single charge, and the other extends the range to 800 km. This adds an element of choice for consumers in terms of range and performance.

“The car will be on display and the company plans to showcase a number of household appliances and even announce its entry into newer categories,” the source added. These new ventures are part of Xiaomi’s broader strategy to expand its product range and fortify its market presence.

A company spokesperson addressed the future market potential, stating, “While we continuously monitor market opportunities, our focus remains on our core product lines for India.”

As Xiaomi celebrates its tenth anniversary in India, the company appears enthusiastic about promoting its electric vehicle. However, the decision to launch in India may come later as the brand continues to assess market conditions and opportunities.