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Vazirani- Automotive launched India’s Lightest Electric Car

Vazirani Automotive, one of India’s innovative startups has unveiled a sleek spaceship looking vehicle, one of a kind, expression of art, Ekonk.

Chunky Vazirani, Founder and CEO, has put in years of research to invent a unique battery technology. After working for automotive giants like Rolls-Royce and Jaguar, Chunky Vazirani moved to Mumbai and founded Vazirani in 2015. The vision was to create next generation electric vehicles and technology that would put India on the world map of extreme vehicles.

Ekonk in the Indian scriptures signifies the beginning of the divine light. The big bang.


“For us, Ekonk signifies our real beginning, where for the first time design and innovation

comes together. It’s our first vehicle that’s ‘alive’.”-Chunky Vazirani

Having launched India’s first hypercar concept, ‘Shul’ at the Goodwood Festival in the U.K, he earned the honor of creating the first HyperCar of India, and to supersede his expectations, Chunky Vazirani gives to the world a new single-seater, that claims to be not just the fastest car everbuilt in India but one of the fastest accelerating cars in the world. The car also tests the company’s unique battery solution that replaces the century-old complex liquid cooling tech. The problem with electric cars is that the batteries get hot, and the solutions today are overtly complex and unsustainable. Nobody has created a bespoke cooling solution for batteries, until now.

Biomimicry (studying how animals and humans use breathing to regulate their body temperatures) combined with some ancient Indian manufacturing techniques resulted in the invention of the DiCo technology. DiCo enables the batteries to cool directly with the air, as opposed to needing liquid cooling that most manufacturers including Tesla use to keep its batteries cool. Vazirani’s new technology makes EVs lighter, faster, safer, and cost effective. Most importantly, it also increases the range of EVs.

It is designed to be one of the most fluid cars aerodynamically, having one of the lowest drag coefficients for vehicles of its kind. That’s majorly why the rear wheels of the car are covered. It sets itself apart with its innovative battery efficiency and full carbon fiber body that keeps the weight down. Weighing 738kgs, it is the lightest electric vehicle ever made. And with a power output of 722hp, it almost achieves the golden, one is to one, power to weight ratio.

The vehicle is developed end-to-end by Vazirani Automotive and has been tested at the recently inaugurated Naxtrax high-speed facility near Indore to achieve a top speed of 309KMPH. Acceleration from 0-100kmph is a mere 2.54 seconds. The character of the car is as mechanical and pure as an electric car can be. This car has no electronic driver aids, it’s just the electric motors and the wheels. A direct pure electric connection. The technology and learnings from Ekonk will be seen in the production version of the Shul, which the brand is gearing for. After which, Ekonk might also see limited production for customers to purchase.