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MSI Launches EV Premium Smart Charger for EVs

MSI has launched the EV Premium, its first smart AC charger for electric vehicles, now available in Australia. This development sees MSI, known for its high-end gaming technology, expanding its product range into sustainable energy solutions.

The smart AC EV Charger, branded as EV Premium, showcases several key features aimed at providing a high-efficiency charging experience for car owners. One of its distinguishing elements is that it is developed and produced in Taiwan, utilising high-quality components. According to MSI’s press release, each unit undergoes rigorous testing to ensure reliable quality.

Meeting global standards, the EV Premium smart chargers comply with Australia’s RCM certification, reinforcing product safety and reliability. Further certifications include IP55 and IK08, which means the chargers can withstand wind and rain, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally, the product adheres to the ASTM B117 standard, making it rustproof for use in coastal areas with salty air. Remarkably, it is also certified to operate normally at altitudes up to 3,000 meters, positioning it as a versatile option for various geographical locations.

Among the notable features of the EV Premium is a 7-inch display, providing clear information on the charging status and operation instructions. The charger is compatible with multiple types of electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), including models from Tesla, European, American, Japanese, and Korean manufacturers. MSI offers flexible charging cable options to accommodate these different vehicles.

Users can monitor charging progress in real time via the exclusive mobile app EV Life. The app allows for scheduling charging times, enabling users to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, potentially reducing costs and promoting environmental consciousness. The app also provides capabilities to adjust charging speed based on different usage scenarios, offering flexibility and convenience.

Another user-friendly aspect of the EV Premium is the RFID card authentication, which allows users to start or stop charging by simply tapping the card. This feature is designed to enhance the user experience by providing a straightforward and efficient interface.

Regarding physical attributes, the EV Premium charger features a 5-meter-long charging cable and weighs approximately 7 kilograms. The product can be installed using a wall mount or an optional stand, adapting to various installation preferences and environments.

MSI’s involvement in sustainable energy solutions extends beyond product development. In Taiwan, the company has significant experience in the commercial deployment of charging stations. It has established multiple partnerships with corporate entities, commercial spaces, automotive dealerships, government institutions, educational establishments, leisure and entertainment venues, and hotels and homestays. These collaborations highlight the broad applicability of MSI’s charging stations across different sectors.

In Australia, MSI is currently engaged in discussions with partners to replicate Taiwan’s successful deployment model. For instance, in Linkou, Taiwan, MSI partnered with a prominent construction company to set up various charging stations. These stations cater to commuters, restaurant patrons, and other community members, demonstrating MSI’s commitment to providing accessible and practical charging solutions.

MSI’s broader mission aims to foster a sustainable future by integrating AI technology and developing new energy and energy storage products. This approach aligns with the company’s goal of reducing dependence on fossil fuels and addressing global challenges such as extreme weather and environmental pollution.