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Tesla Captures Almost 80% Of South Korean Imported EV Market

Korean media reports that during the first nine months of this year, Tesla sold in South Korea 10,518 electric cars, which is a dominant number in the imported EV segment – over 79%.

The total number is 13,261, and only 2,743 other plug-ins were imported. In September alone, Tesla reportedly sold 2,056 cars (91% of total EV import).

Sales of domestic electric cars during the first nine months was 13,505, which is significantly less (by 42%) than a year ago (23,442).

Tesla for sure has become a major player in the segment after the introduction of the Model 3. Another important contributor to success is an expansion of the charging network to 32 Superchargers and roughly 450 destination charging points.

Only time will tell how Hyundai and Kia will defend its home market, and how the investment in hydrogen fuel cells will pay off, as the Hyundai NEXO does not seem to take off much in recent months.