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New BYD EV Platform To Come In 2021

According to the most recent reports from China, Lian Yubo, senior vice president of BYD, hinted at a new EV platform scheduled for market launch in April 2021.

The new models, based on this new platform, should have cost, range and safety, equal to internal combustion engine vehicles.

That would be quite a breakthrough, but at this point, there are no more details.

The Chinese manufacturer has introduced this year its Blade Battery, “zero cobalt” lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) chemistry in the cell-to-pack (CTP) approach.

It’s an open question whether in 2021 we will see even more integrated LFP battery systems?

As of today, BYD is gradually improving its sales results, after a really challenging time, since mid-2019, when lowered subsidies translated into weakened demand in China.