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MG Motor, Lohum Team Up For Reuse Of EV Batteries

MG Motor India will team up with Lohum to establish a comprehensive ecosystem for reuse and lifecycle management of EV batteries.

The idea is to develop the concept of second-life solutions for batteries. The project will harness the potential of used batteries by repurposing them as battery energy storage products and extending their lifecycle.

A press release from MG Motor India states that Lohum will reuse end-of-first-life batteries of MG electric vehicles to build sustainable second life battery energy storage systems (BESS) for a wide variety of clean energy applications.

Lohum’s technology will be used to maximise the potential of cells before recycling, using healthy cells high on remaining useful life to build sustainable 2nd-life BESS for clean energy applications.

The initial offering under this partnership will be a 100% off-grid 5kWh BESS to meet the essential energy needs of urban and rural India by solving the end-of-life EV battery problem and organising the battery waste sector. The BESS will provide uninterrupted power supply even in regions with unreliable grid infrastructure

Rajeev Chaba, CEO Emeritus, MG Motor India, said the collaboration with Lohum will enable the carmaker to take a significant step forward in its commitment to sustainable mobility. “By repurposing used batteries of our EV models, we not only extend their lifecycle but also enable the delivery of power to essential community centres,” he added.

Rajat Verma, Founder and CEO, Lohum, said, “This collaboration represents a significant step towards sustainable development and underscores our commitment to creating a greener future.’