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JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu To Introduce Its EV Fleet Soon

JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu might not see many electric vehicles drive up its pathway. However, the hotel’s general manager Nikita Ramchandani prefers to be prepared for the future.

As per retail sales data from the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations President, the cumulative EV sales across two- and three-wheelers and commercial vehicles have soared by an estimated 686 percent to 211,398 units in the April-June 2022 period. In Q1 FY2022, this figure stood at 26,833 units.

Buoyed by these figures, Ramchandani expects that the number of EVs entering JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu will also see a rise. This prompted the property to partner with Charge Zone and install an EV fast charging station on its premises, which can charge two electric cars simultaneously. She tells Hotelier India that soon, the hotel will introduce its own EV fleet.

Why are hotel chains like Marriott International increasingly adopting more sustainable practices to attract millennial travelers?

With our size and scale, we have a global responsibility and a unique opportunity to be a force for good. Our sustainable initiatives are developed for the long haul, reflecting our operating philosophy and core values of giving back to the community and the planet.
Moreover, many consumers today are eco-conscious and would rather be associated with sustainable brands. According to Nielsen, 75 percent of millennials are eco-conscious to the point of changing their buying habits to favor environmentally friendly products and services.

How can boosting electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure help a hotel chain or even property play its role in reducing carbon emissions?
An EV causes carbon emissions of only one-third of the amount that a fossil fuel car causes. Our initiative of introducing an EV charging facility at the hotel is to encourage the adoption of EVs across the city and thereby help reduce carbon footprint, in line with Marriott International’s goal of reducing carbon intensity by 30 percent by the year 2025. We remain committed to creating a positive and sustainable impact across our business functions.

What percentage of vehicles currently entering the premises comprise EVs and is this likely to go up to?
Currently, the number of EVs entering the hotel is relatively low. However, since the adoption of EVs in Mumbai is anticipated to rise, we hope to see a good number as early as next year. We are also introducing our own EV fleet at the hotel very soon.

Will there be a fee for usage?
The charging fee is between INR 16 to INR 18 per kWh, depending on the vehicle.

Can this become a revenue source for the property?
With this initiative, our objective is to become more attractive to a like-minded audience rather than focus on monetization. Our ‘Charge for Change’ campaign reflects our efforts to enable guests to revitalize themselves at our hotel while recharging their EVs, thereby increasing foot traffic in the hotel.
Young affluent consumers are willing to spend on wellness experiences. With this campaign, our objective is to position the JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu as a destination where luxury well-being meets sustainability.