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Aarya Commander: Cruiser Electric Bike With 125 km Per Charge Range, All You Need To Know

Most automakers are now concentrating their efforts on creating electric vehicles and releasing them on the market as soon as possible due to the rising demand for them in the nation. As a result, the two-wheeler producer Arya Automobiles in Gujarat is getting ready to introduce its electric bike, the Arya Commander, soon. We will go into more detail about what is unique about this electric bike that resembles a Royal Enfield.

The company used a 4.4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack with IP 67 certification for Aarya Commander. According to the manufacturer, the 3000-watt electric motor it uses produces 170Nm of torque. This bike’s top speed is 90 kilometers per hour. This motorcycle’s battery can be fully charged in about 5 hours, and it can travel up to 125 kilometers on a single charge.

When it comes to the features this bike offers, some of them are GPS navigation, an air-cooling system, digital speedometers, odometers, trip meters, Bluetooth connectivity, geofencing, USV charging ports, TFT color displays, reverse assistance, and low battery indicators. In addition, it contains fall and collision sensors that react instantly in the event of any emergency, as well as an emergency contact alert.

The manufacturer created the cruiser-style electric bike Arya Commander, which resembles the Royal Enfield Meteor precisely. It is 135 kg in weight. In place of the engine, this motorcycle has an electric motor, battery, round-shaped LED headlamp, digital instrument panel, LED tail light with LED turn indication, cushion sheet, and passenger footrest. This bike comes with 17-inch alloy wheels and tubeless tires. Three riding modes have been provided at the same time: Eco, Sports, and Human.