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West Bengal Tenders 47 EV Charging Stations To Be Installed Across The State

West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company (WBSEDCL) has invited bids to select agencies to supply, install, operate, and manage 47 electric vehicle (EV) charging and battery swapping stations. 

The bidders must bear the cost of setting up the stations and should commission them within six months of receiving the work order. 

The last day to submit the bids is September 20, 2023. Bids will be opened on the same day. 

Those bidding for one location must submit an earnest money deposit (EMD) of ₹36,500 (~$441); for up to five locations, it will be ₹25,000 (~$302) per location, subject to a minimum ₹36,500 (~$441). 

Bids for more than five and up to 25 locations will be charged ₹20,000 (~$241) per location subject to a minimum ₹125,000 (~$1,512) as EMD, and for more than 25 and up to 50 locations, it will be ₹15,000 (~$181) per location subject to minimum ₹500,000 (~$6,048). 

Those bidding for more than fifty locations should submit an EMD of ₹15,000 (~$181) per location subject to a minimum of ₹750,000 (~$9,073) and a maximum of ₹1 million (~$12,097)). 

Bidders should be registered with the appropriate authorities under the Government of India before the bid submission date. They should be fully conversant with the Government Guidelines on Charging Infrastructure for EVs issued by the Ministry of Power. They must have a valid document establishing their business. 

Bidders should preferably be experienced in automobile, e-mobility, or EV charging infrastructure sectors. They must furnish a list of assignments including similar nature of works, if any, performed by them with documentary evidence. 

Bidders should have a minimum average annual turnover (MAAT) of ₹10 million in three out of the last five financial years and a positive net worth as of the bid submission date. The above MAAT of ₹10 million applies to up to five locations; beyond that, ₹2 million must be added for each location. 

Startups and micro and small enterprises with the technical capability to deliver goods and services are exempted from the technical and financial criteria. 

Successful bidders must remit a performance security deposit of ₹54,750 per location. 

Recently, Kolkata Police invited bids for supplying and maintaining 200 four-wheeler EVs with all standard accessories, including regular chargers. 

Last year, the Ministry of Power issued the revised ‘Charging Infrastructure for EVs Guidelines’ to accelerate the e-mobility transition in the country. The guidelines aim to enable faster EV adoption in India by ensuring safe, reliable, accessible, and affordable charging infrastructure and ecosystem.