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Wagoora Youth Opens Showroom-cum-workshop for AMPERE Electric Two-wheelers in Pampore

In a significant stride for Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited (GEMPL), the company has inaugurated its first dealership in Jammu and Kashmir.

Located in the Frestabal area of Saffron town Pampore, the newly established Kongposh Motors Ampere dealership, spearheaded by Ishfaq Ahmad from Wagoora, will offer a comprehensive range of Ampere’s electric two-wheelers. This includes the much-anticipated family-oriented scooter, the Ampere Nexus, marking a crucial step in GEMPL’s mission to make electric mobility accessible across India, aptly captured in their slogan “Har Gully Electric”.

The dealership will feature a variety of electric scooters to meet diverse needs. Prominent among them is the Ampere Nexus, a high-performance family electric scooter powered by a 3 kWh LFP battery, offering 30% extra battery life.

The Nexus has already achieved significant attention, highlighted by its recent 10,000+ kilometre journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Other models include the Magnus, available in EX and LT variants, offering a single charge range of approximately 100 and 80 kilometres, respectively. The Magnus is Greaves’ best-selling scooter, known for its reliability and efficiency. The Reo Li Plus serves as an entry-level scooter aimed at maximizing convenience and affordability, while the Primus focuses on performance and safety, featuring a top-tier PMS motor and an IP67-rated battery.

In addition to showcasing these electric scooters, the Srinagar dealership aims to enhance the customer experience with services such as financial assistance, provision of spare parts, and after-sales support, creating a supportive environment for electric vehicle owners.

Greaves Electric Mobility’s expansion into Jammu and Kashmir is aligned with India’s broader transition towards electric mobility, driven by increased consumer awareness and a favourable regulatory environment. The company is committed to building complete e-mobility ecosystems and offering sustainable and affordable alternatives to traditional transportation methods.

Speaking to Kashmir Reader, Ishfaq Ahmad Wani, the young entrepreneur from Wagoora who owns the new dealership, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity and reflected on his journey. “First of all, I thank Allah for bestowing me with this opportunity,” he said. “Greaves is a 164-year-old company that has transitioned from B2B to B2C business, producing electric scooters since 2008 and EVs since 2016.”

Ahmad emphasized the advantages of electric vehicles over traditional petrol-powered ones, particularly in terms of lower maintenance costs. Starting his business in 2013, selling various brands of scooters and motorbikes, he has now grown his enterprise to employ around 15 people.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by company officials, local guests, and Greaves Electric Mobility’s management, who congratulated Ishfaq Ahmad on his new venture. They also highlighted the benefits of the company’s electric scooters, emphasizing their commitment to sustainable and accessible mobility solutions.