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Volvo EM90 Unveiled as Electric Minivan for the Chinese Market

Volvo is bringing boxy back with the EM90, its first entry into the minivan segment. Described as a “living room on the move,” the people-hauler features an electric drivetrain and a spacious-looking cabin with three rows of seats as well as a long list of technology features.

Unverified reports claim that the EM90 is based on the Zeekr 009. Volvo hasn’t revealed what’s under the sheet metal, but design details such as the shape of the windows and the kink on each sliding door seemingly confirm the connection. However, the EM90 features a look of its own that’s characterized by Thor’s Hammer-shaped lights on both ends, a body-colored front-end panel with a backlit Volvo emblem, and “VOLVO” lettering on the hatch. Volvo explains that the front’s design was inspired by “skyscrapers and cutting-edge immersive art.”

Road noise-canceling technology and a dual-chamber air suspension system should make the EM90 a comfortable space to travel in. If it’s too quiet, Volvo offers a 21-speaker Bowers & Wilkins sound system, 5G connectivity, and a roof-mounted 15.6-inch screen that folds into the headliner when it’s not in use. It can be used to display entertainment options via third-party apps and it can project a user’s phone.

If you’d rather get work done, there are tablets integrated into the individual rear seats and a “meeting room” mode that adjusts the screens, the seats, the windows, the air conditioning, and the interior lighting accordingly. “Theater” and “bedroom” modes are available as well. While the rear occupants are working, watching a movie, or sleeping, the driver faces a digital instrument cluster and a 15.4-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system. Several cameras, a millimeter-wave radar, and ultrasonic radars power a wide selection of electronic driving aids.

Power comes from a 268-horsepower electric motor linked to a 116-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. Volvo quotes a maximum driving range of up to 458 miles, though it notes that figure was obtained using the Chinese testing cycle. Zero to 62 mph takes 8.3 seconds.

Made in China, the Volvo EM90 is on sale now on the Chinese market. There’s no word on whether it will be sold in other countries, Volvo merely said the model is “coming first to China,” but we wouldn’t bet on seeing it show up in a showroom on our side of the Pacific.