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India New Launch Partnership

Tesla Power India, E-Ashwa Automotive to Launch India’s 1st Electric Two-wheeler With Fire Safety Technology

Tesla Power India Pvt. Ltd. and E-Ashwa Automotive have announced their partnership to introduce the first electric 2W vehicle (EV) in India with a built-in fire suppressant system. This new feature is expected to improve safety standards for EVs across the country.

E-Ashwa is known for its electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers while Tesla Power India makes energy storage solutions.

“We are proud to partner with Tesla Power India to bring this advanced and safe electric vehicle to the Indian market,” said Abhinav Bhadola of E-Ashwa Automotive. “Our joint effort will set new safety and technology standards for EV 2W in India.”

In a press release, Tesla Power India said it has contributed its technical expertise to the partnership”. Together, the companies aim to offer a safer and more sustainable option for drivers across India. Also being India’s First brand offering both E-Rickshaw batteries and E-Rickshaws within its diverse product range,” the company added

Kavinder Khurana, Managing Director at Tesla Power India Pvt. Ltd. “We’re eager to make a positive impact on India’s EV market with vehicles that are not only environmentally friendly but also safer than ever.”

The partnership also ensures that owners of these new EVs will have access to extensive sales and service networks throughout India, ensuring reliable support and convenience for all customers.