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Tesla Giga Shanghai Expected To Reach 90,000 Monthly Production Rate

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai is expected to reach 90,000 monthly production rate after its upcoming expansion according to a report shared on Twitter. @Umbisam shared a screenshot of a statement by Cui Dongshu, the Secretary-General of the NCPA (national passenger car market information association).

Dongshu believes that at the moment, the industry is facing a difficult situation, but the overall trends of both resource and product prices are relatively stable. Regarding Tesla, the screenshot read:

“The specific situation is that after Tesla expands production in June this year, Tesla’s production capacity will be further improved. The monthly output is expected to increase from 60,000 to 70,000 units to 80,000 to 90,000 units.”

At this moment, all we have on this is @Umbisam’s tweet. Yesterday, the chief engineer of the Shanghai Economics and Information Technology Commission, Zhang Hongtai, said in a press conference that Tesla Giga Shanghai along with factories from several other companies have resumed over 80% production. Teslarati reported this and added that China has created a whitelist to support the company’s resuming production. Tesla was one of the 1,854 companies that made it on the list by April 30.

Both of these reports reflect what we learned during Tesla’s Q1 2022 earnings call. Tesla CFO Zach Kirkhorn spoke of how Austin and Berlin were just starting their ramp-ups and that he believed Tesla’s 50% or above growth rate remained achievable for the year. Tesla CEO Elon Musk added that Q1 was a record quarter despite the challenges Tesla faced. Both the Tesla executives gave full credit for Tesla’s successes to its hardworking employees of the company and Elon elaborated on the challenges in China.

“So, I’d really like to congratulate the Tesla team on achieving record profitability and output despite many, many difficult headwinds. And especially the Tesla China team and our Shanghai factory. They really had significant challenges due to the COVID shutdowns. And nonetheless have been able to output a tremendous number of high-quality vehicles.

“And we are already back up and running with the Shanghai factory. So, as Zach said, we remain confident of a 50% growth in vehicle production in 2022 versus ’21. I think we actually have a reasonable shot at a 60% increase over last year.”