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Rohnel Motors Launches Electric ATVs in India

The landscape of the Quad bike industry in India is undergoing a radical change courtesy Rohnel Motors which recently became the first company to bring electric ATVs to India.

Electric has recently become the preferred choice because of its inherent efficiency that provides outdoor enthusiasts with quieter rides and enhanced convenience.

India’s ATV and UTV Market is estimated to be USD 384.65 Mn in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 536.47 Mn by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 6.88%

India All-Terrain Vehicle market has shown promising growth in historical years until FY2020 and is expected to continue its growth in upcoming forecast years FY2022 to FY2027. Tourism sector in India is growing at a rapid rate, the demand for all terrain vehicle is also increasing because of booming tourism thus driving the growth of the market in the forecast years.

All-terrain vehicles have uses in almost all sectors. Defence, entertainment, sports, agriculture, infrastructure construction, heavy-load transportation, among others. Agriculture sector dominates as an application segment for the all-terrain vehicle in India market. Uses of ATVs in agriculture and forestry is prevalent thus driving the growth of the market.

In the past, Markets are being driven by established popularity in Oceanic nations like New Zealand and Australia, along with those in Southeast and Northeast Asia such as China, South Korea, and Japan. However, Rohnel Motors MD Varun Rohra believes that the biggest market growth for ATV and UTV machines is expected to come from India, largely due to an increased interest in such vehicles across the Indian sub-continent.

Rohnel Motors currently has five electric ATVs which are assembled at its facility in Chennai, Raven 1200W, Beast 1200W, Zeus 3000W, Ranger 4000W, and Patriot 5000W. The range of available Rohnel electric quad bikes provide experiences that are perfect for every level of rider. These electric ATVs are powerful, have low operation noise, eco-friendly, easy to operate and can be charged at any home electric point.

Rohnel Motors offers two petrol engine models.The massive Bull 200 cc and the sleek Neo125 cc. The Neo is a smaller ATV but still packs plenty of power.

The cost of an ATV from Rohnel Motors is reasonably priced at 1.3 – 4 Lakhs. Rohnel offers attractive financing options on all vehicles a first among ATV brands across India. Talk to a Rohnel Motors representative at 1800-891-2984 to see which model is right for you.