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India New Launch

Okaya EV’s Ferrato to Unveil First Electric Motorcycle in India

Okaya EV, a homegrown electric vehicle manufacturer, is preparing to introduce its new high-end brand, Ferrato, in the Indian market.

The company has previously indicated plans for two motorcycles and a scooter under this brand.

Recently, Ferrato provided a glimpse of its first electric motorcycle named ‘Disruptor,’ set to be released in fiscal year 2024-25.

The Disruptor will feature a 6.4kW PMSM motor with an impressive top speed of 95km/h.

Okaya EV has unveiled an ambitious plan for Ferrato’s dealership network, aiming to establish over 100 dealerships. This initiative is part of the company’s strategy to enhance service quality beyond its current offerings.

Dr. Anshul Gupta, Managing Director of Okaya Electric Vehicles, stated that the launch of Ferrato is a significant step in expanding footprint in the sustainable mobility sector, and delivering a high-end experience to customers.

The latest addition to Ferrato’s portfolio is the Motofaast scooter, priced at ₹1.37 lakh. Its electric motor can generate a peak power of 2.3kW and reach a top speed of 70km/h.

It offers three riding modes: Eco, City, and Sports, and has a dual battery system with a combined capacity of 3.53kWh using LFP technology.

The battery pack requires four to five hours for a full charge, and promises a riding range between 110-130km.