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India New Launch

MXmoto Launches M16 E-bikes With Metal Body at Prices Starting From INR 1.98 Lakh

MXmoto, one of the emerging leaders in the clean mobility sector, has introduced the metal-strong M16 e-bikes with strength and durability for the Indian roads at ex-showroom prices starting from INR 1,98,000.

The M16 e-bikes by mXmoto come with an 8-year warranty on the battery, 80,000 km of seamless riding and three-year warranty on motor and controller. Also, the highly resistant metal body of the M16 makes it the strongest EV for Indian roads, which can cover a range of 160-220 km with each charge, consuming 1.6 units per charge and a charging capacity of 0 to 90% in less than three hours, the company said.

“Our endeavour has been to leverage cutting-edge technology to make the Indian roads greener and safer. With our M16 model, we aim to establish ourselves as pioneers in the world of performance electric bikes. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, engineering excellence, and a fervor for speed, mXmoto is on a journey to become the go-to brand for riders who crave adrenaline-fueled adventures on two wheels with our M16 cruiser,” Rajendra Malhotra, Managing Director of mXmoto, said.

The M16 cruisers of mXmoto come with 17-inch large wheel and high-performance engine; unleashing incredible power, quickness and efficiency. Developed domestically, catapulting the government’s self-reliant goals, the electric bike’s engine delivers an impressive output with swift acceleration, supported by the robust torque of the C35 magnet separations. With a remarkable climbing angle, it combines energy-saving features and high efficiency, redefining the standards of performance for the M16 Cruiser, the company said in a media release.

The high-performance controller of M16 increases input power by 16% to stimulate higher performance of the bike’s driving system, resulting in smoother and faster acceleration. The 80 AMP high-efficiency controllers, equipped with regenerative braking, redefine the standards of power and efficiency. “Experience smoother and faster acceleration in our electric bike, as our advanced controller takes your M16 Electric Cruiser’s ride to new heights,” Malhotra added.

Notably, with a chassis crafted from highly resistant metal, M16 Electric Cruiser showcases exceptional quality not only in its electrical components but also in its mechanical parts. The chassis and outer body ensures unparalleled strength and durability, reflecting the company’s commitment to delivering a superior riding experience. The bike also introduces an adjustable racing motorcycle-type central shock absorber, surpassing traditional bilateral suspension systems. By maintaining the electric bike gravity at the centre during turns, it enhances flexibility and provides a heightened sense of balance.