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India New Launch

Murugappa Group’s TIVOLT EVs To Launch New e-SCV Under Montra Electric

TIVOLT Electric Vehicles is gearing up to launch a line of electric small commercial vehicles (e-SCV) under the Montra Electric brand for mid-mile and last-mile delivery segments. The upcoming e-SCV will showcase a distinctive design, robust performance, and durable build quality.

Founded in February 2022, TI Clean Mobility Pvt Ltd (TICMPL) has made advances in the electric vehicle market, developing platforms that cater to a wide range of mobility needs from intercity and intracity travel to last-mile deliveries.

Vellayan Subbiah, Executive Vice Chairman of Tube Investments of India (TII) mentioned “Montra Electric represents our commitment to enhancing life through eco-friendly mobility solutions. The electric vehicle industry is experiencing an exciting phase of development globally, and we are thrilled to contribute to this growth with high-quality, sustainable products. Our upcoming e-SCV is not just a vehicle; it represents a significant leap towards transforming urban logistics and fleet services in India.”

With India positioned as a key player in the global electric vehicle adoption wave, second only to China, the launch of the Montra Electric e-SCV comes at a critical time. The small commercial vehicle segment is the largest in the commercial vehicle sector, and its rapid shift towards electrification is supported by progressive policies, government initiatives, and a growing environmental consciousness among businesses.

TICMPL’s investment of three thousand crore into the electric vehicle sector underlines the brand’s ambition to work in this transformative shift.