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MG Motors’ Entry-Level EV For India Uncovered, Will Be Priced Around INR10 Lakh

MG Motors India is planning to launch an ultra affordable EV sometime next year, which would cost about Rs 10 Lakhs. The upcoming EV will be based on a kei-car design, with 2 sliding doors, and 39bhp drive train.

The EV market in India is hot right now, however, there aren’t many budget options available to consumers. All of that is set to change, courtesy MG Motor India, who are preparing to launch an entry-level electric vehicle sometime in the next year.

MG’s entry-level EV will be based on an offering from MG’s sister brand Wuling. MG’s new, budget-friendly EV will be based on Wuling’s Air EV, codenamed E230.

The E320 is based on Wulin’s Global Small Electric Vehicles or GSEV platform. Although not a lot of details are available about the upcoming EV from MG Motors, what we do know is that the car will retain Wuling Air’s 2-door body style, and that it will be getting a set of alloy wheels, as opposed to the steel wheels that we see on the Wuling air.

We also know that the new MG EV will be shorter in length than an Alto, and will have a wheelbase of 2010mm. Small footprint cars such as the Wulin Air are a virtue for jampacked cities like Tokyo. However, it remains to be seen if such a car would do well in India’s urban space.

MG’s compact EV will be offered with a 40bhp electric motor and a 20-25kWH battery that will have a range of 150 kilometres. Apparently, Tata AutoComp will be providing the battery. Tata AutoComp has entered into a joint venture with Chinese battery supplier Gotion for the design, manufacture, supply and service of Li-ion battery packs for electric vehicles in India.

The new MG EV will be using LFP cylindrical cells. These cells are similar to what we see inside the Nexon EV since they are reliable, are cost effective and much better suited for Indian conditions. The downside is that of range. However, given that the upcoming EV from MG isn’t supposed to be a family’s primary car in India’s urban space but more of a second or even third car, range, MG feels, isn’t exactly an issue.

MG’s upcoming compact EV will apparently be priced at Rs 10 Lakh, and will be offered with a slew of features as standard, including a large touchscreen infotainment system, a digital instrument cluster and a hoard of connectivity features.