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India New Launch

Fairdeal Motors Launches Ace EV for Sustainable Intra-city Cargo Transport in Jammu

Fairdeal Motors and Workshop Pvt Ltd, an authorized Tata Motors commercial vehicle dealer in Narwal, Jammu, have begun delivering the all-new Ace EV, India’s most advanced zero-emissions four-wheel small commercial electric vehicle.

The first fleet was delivered to customers in the bio-medical hazard waste management application sector in Jammu today.

The new product launch event was held at the dealership, where captive profile customers from various applications were invited.

Company officials effectively presented and explained the product features, benefits, and economics. The event was graced by Rohit Gandotra (CO), Rakesh Sharma (AGM), and Arun Salathia (GM) from the dealership.

The Ace EV, co-developed with users, has successfully completed stringent real-world market trials and offers a holistic solution for hassle-free e-cargo mobility, including a 5-year comprehensive maintenance package.

Its robust performance and 100% uptime have received overwhelming customer response. The supporting ecosystem includes charging infrastructure development, Electric Vehicle Support Centers, Tata Fleet Edge fleet management solution, and partnerships with leading financiers.

This initiative aligns with Jammu’s efforts to improve the environment and public health, with the Ace EV offering clutch-less, gear-less, and vibration-less operation for driver comfort.

It is the first product featuring Tata Motors’ EVOGEN powertrain, offering a certified range of 154 kilometers, advanced battery cooling, and regenerative braking for all-weather operation.

The vehicle supports regular and fast charging, with a 27Kw motor providing peak torque of 130Nm, ensuring high cargo volume and grade-ability for fully loaded conditions. The Ace EV’s lightweight, durable container suits the requirements of e-commerce logistics perfectly.