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EZGO Unveils A New Brand And Seven Independent Innovation Product Models

EZGO Technologies Ltd., a manufacturer of two- and three-wheeled electric vehicles in China, today announced the launch of its new “EZGO” brand with the release of seven new independent innovation models at the 39th China Electric Vehicle and Parts Exhibition in Jiangsu, China.

At the Exhibition, the Company held its first new EZGO branded product launch event where four ultra-high-speed electric motorcycle models, the “Devil,” “Little Angel,” “M9,” and “Zhuque,” (model names may be subject to change) and three new national standard electric bicycles were released. With the launch of these seven new products, EZGO’s portfolio of brands now include EZGO, Cenbird and Dilang.

The new EZGO branded line of products feature a sleek, high-quality exterior design and boast superior vehicle performance. The Company anticipates sales and marketing promotions for the four ultra-high-speed electric motorcycles to be focused in American, European and other markets. The trademark of EZGO used on e-bicycles is still under application.

Mr. Jianhui Ye, Chief Executive Officer of EZGO, stated, “We are thrilled to have launched our newly developed EZGO brand and new line of products at the Exhibition, which is one of the most influential and well-regarded events for the electric vehicle industry. This launch is yet another step forward in EZGO’s growth strategy as we remain focused on becoming China’s leading short-distance transportation solutions provider. We look forward to bringing our premier line of ultra-high-speed electric motorcycle products to overseas markets as we seek to expand our international following.”

About EZGO Technologies Ltd.

Leveraging an Internet of Things (IoT) product and service platform and three E-bicycle brands, “EZGO”, “Dilang” and “Cenbird”, EZGO has established a business model centered on the manufacturing and sale of two- and three-wheeled electric vehicles, complemented by the E-bicycle charging pile business.