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India New Launch

EMotorad Launches Limited Edition E-bike With Prabhas’ Movie Kalki

An electric cycle manufacturer, EMotorad has launched a unique product in partnership with the highly anticipated movie “Kalki,” starring Prabhas. This exciting collaboration will feature an exclusive, limited edition Kalki-themed Doodle, that is live on their website now.

“Kalki” is an upcoming action-adventure film starring Prabhas, known for its thrilling storyline and stunning visuals. The film is set to captivate audiences with its epic narrative and groundbreaking cinematography.

The Kalki-themed Doodle V3 bike is a foldable, fat-tired electric bike designed to capture the essence of the film’s dynamic and adventurous spirit. This special edition bike combines EMotorad’s cutting-edge technology with distinctive design elements inspired by the movie.

Kunal Gupta, CEO of EMotorad, said, “Prabhas is a legend! We are thrilled to collaborate with Prabhas’ latest movie, Kalki, to introduce this unique, limited-edition Doodle V3 bike. Our partnership represents our commitment to innovation and our passion for creating products that resonate with our customers’ lifestyles and interests. We’re happy to give the fans a futuristic e-bike that helps them closely associate and take home a part of such an iconic movie.”