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Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Company RACEnergy Opens 10,000 Sqft Battery Facility In Telangana

Electric vehicle infrastructure company RACEnergy, specialising in battery swapping, inaugurated its new battery production facility spanning over 10,000 square feet, on Wednesday. The facility is equipped with a 50 Mwh battery production plant, enabling the manufacturing of 30,000 batteries annually. This achievement is in line with RACEnergy’s objective of reaching 80,000 electric two and three-wheelers by 2025, taking a significant step toward their goal of having 250,000 swappable batteries in circulation within the same timeframe. 

Notably, RACEnergy recently became the first swappable battery company to obtain the Automotive Industry Standards (AIS)-156 phase 2 certification for its battery pack. This certification ensures improved safety and enhanced performance for their battery technology. 

The newly established facility will serve as a collaborative space for engineers and designers, fostering innovation and further advancement of cutting-edge battery technology for electric vehicles (EVs). Additionally, it significantly expands RACEnergy’s production capacity. 

RACEnergy co-founder Arun Sreyas expressed the significance of the new facility, stating, “The launch of our new facility marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize the electric mobility sector and will contribute to 25 per cent of our goal of reaching 80,000 electric two and three-wheelers by 2025. 

After years of extensive research and successful pilot projects, we are ready to scale up our operations in the two and three-wheeler segments and other niche markets. With 500 swaps taking place on our network daily, our facility will empower us to efficiently meet the growing demand and expand our global market presence.”