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Electric Vehicle Industry’s FY19-20 YOY Sales Up 20%

India’s electric vehicle industry’s sales during 2019-20 grew by 20 per cent on a year-on-year basis. These sales include the off-take of electric two-wheelers, cars and buses.

According to the Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles, the EV industry sold 156,000 electric vehicles in FY2019-20 from an off-take of 130,000 units in FY2018-19.

“The EV industry sold 156,000 electric vehicles in FY19-20. Out of this, 152,000 were two-wheelers, 3,400 cars and 600 buses,” the SMEV said in a statement.

“The corresponding sale for FY 18-19 was 126,000 two-wheelers, 3,600 cars and around 400 buses making a total of 130,000 units.”

As per the statement, the YoY fiscal sales growth of 20 per cent has largely come from two-wheelers.

“This figure does not include E-Rickshaws which is still largely with the unorganised sector with a reported sale of around 90,000 units. The corresponding figures of the E-ricks sold in the previous year have not been documented,” it said.