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New Launch Partnership

E-Fill Electric Joins with DevvStream for Carbon Credit Generation from EV Charging Network

As the world celebrates World Environment Day, E-Fill Electric, a pioneering provider of technology-driven electric vehicle (EV) solutions, and DevvStream Holdings Inc., a leading carbon credit project co-development and generation firm specializing in technology-based solutions, announced a definitive agreement (the E-Fill Agreement) to leverage E-Fill Electric’s network of EV charging stations in India for carbon credit generation.

This agreement is anticipated to establish a new revenue stream for E-Fill Electric, enabling the expansion of the company’s R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

E-Fill Electric will serve as a launch partner for DevvStream’s Electric Vehicle Charging Carbon Offset Program (EVCCOP) in India, which aims to accelerate electric mobility by generating revenue for EV charging network owners and operators. The program achieves this by producing and selling voluntary carbon credits, which are generated when EV owners charge their vehicles.

“The revenues generated through the DevvStream program will provide a vital financial boost, enabling us to realize our vision of a cleaner, greener India,” Mayank Jain, CEO, E- Fill Electric said.