Darwin Group Forays Into E-Scooter, Launches Affordable Range. Check Price, Features

Due to the increasing demand for electric vehicles in India, one after the other companies are launching electric vehicles. Now Darwin Platform Group of Companies (DPGC) has launched three new models of electric scooters Darwin D-5, D-7 and D-14 in the battery electric two-wheeler (EV) segment.

Features like muscular design, keyless entry, regenerative braking, speed control, battery change, large LED display, high quality suspension, USB port for mobile charger, alarm switch are given in these e-scooters.

range and price
Darwin Platform Group of Companies gave information during the launch and said that these scooters are designed according to the budget of the people. According to the ex-showroom, the starting price of these electric vehicles has been maintained at Rs 68,000. 68,000 for the D-5 variant, Rs 73,000 for the D7 and Rs 77,000 for the D14. The company claims that these electric scooters give a range of 70 to 120 km on a single charge.

‘Based on Japanese technology’
dr. Raja Roy Chowdhury, CEO, DPGC Group, said: “The global automotive industry is moving towards electric mobility. Electric vehicles have started to gain momentum in India. The aim of Darwin EVAT is to make a special contribution to the environment, and more products will be launched in the near future.” The company said we are embarking on a new journey with the launch of three models – D-5, D-7 and D-14 along with the Make in India model for the world, these scooters are based on Japanese technology.