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India Investment

Charge Zone Plans to Invest USD 360 Million for EV Charging Network

Charge Zone has decided to invest USD 360 million in four years for its EV charging network, as it looks to widen its reach of supercharging infrastructure to cater to electric buses, trucks, and personal mobility vehicles nationwide.

This fiscal year, the company plans to establish 25 new supercharging stations, with the target of 500 such stations of capacity ranging from 360 KW to 1.2 MW, the company noted without giving a timeline.

“Our new supercharging network marks a significant step towards a sustainable and electrified future integrated with micro-grids comprising of Solar PV and energy storage,” affirmed Kartikey Hariyani, Founder and CEO of ChargeZone.

Kartikey Hariyani stated, “Our six-month pilot roll out of the supercharging network yielded remarkable results with the strong utilisation by inter-city electric cars and electric buses as the prime customers.  We received excellent customer feedback, with power utilisation exceeding previous levels and significant traffic volumes recorded. During the first pilot of commercial rollout, we covered nearly 1500 kilometers, showcasing the network’s efficiency. The average charging time at the new supercharging stations is between 15 to 20 minutes, significantly shorter than the 45 minutes required at fast DC charging stations, which enhances user convenience and process efficiency.”

Continuing, Kartikey Hariyani emphasized, “This rollout signifies a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable transportation. By expanding our supercharging network, we not only meet current EV user needs but also pave the way for a cleaner, greener future. Our commitment to renewable energy and strategic partnerships ensures that our infrastructure remains robust, reliable, and ahead of the curve for electric cars as well as electric buses and trucks.”

To support sustainable energy use, CHARGE ZONE’s supercharging stations will utilize renewable sources. The company anticipates this network will significantly influence the adoption of electric buses, trucks, and personal mobility vehicles, enhancing range, reliability, efficiency, and cost savings. Integrated solar rooftops and battery storage ensure a green power supply, extending sustainability efforts to transforming national highways into renewable corridors. Utilizing signage, PlugShare, Google Maps, and the CHARGE ZONE app will ensure widespread awareness and utilization.

Over the next six months, CHARGE ZONE is dedicated to expanding its reach by increasing the number of stations and deploying superchargers to boost charging speed for all types of 4W EVs. The company’s intercity charging strategy includes strategically placing stations, meticulous route planning, and offering high-speed capabilities, ensuring a seamless experience with mobile app integration and multiple payment options. Safety remains paramount with 24/7 surveillance and emergency support, complemented by efficient maintenance through remote monitoring and regular inspections.

CHARGE ZONE continues to pursue its  ambitious goal to electrify 150,000 kilometers of highways, targeting key routes, installing 1000 stations, and optimizing based on user feedback. Supported by partnerships with government bodies and private entities like AUDI, GENTARI, HYUNDAI, MERCEDES BENZ, MG Motors, TATA Motors , and others, CHARGE ZONE ensures station reliability through maintenance schedules, remote monitoring, customer support, and upgrades.