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AYRO Announces European Market Expansion with Strategic Partner Club Car

AYRO, Inc., designer and manufacturer of purpose-built compact, light-duty emissions-free electric vehicles for urban, commercial, consumer and government markets, announces the company’s planned 2020 third quarter expansion into the European market.

The all-electric Club Car 411 utility trucks would be the first AYRO-built sustainable vehicles to be exported to Europe, now scheduled to commence in the third quarter of 2020. Ayro believes that the European market is ripe for purpose-built compact EVs like the Club Car 411. With narrow streets and urban congestion, a robust delivery sector, and the mandated need for carbon reduction, the compact electric Club Car 411 truck is designed with agility, a durable chassis for high payload abilities, and zero gas emissions due to its plug-in battery power.

“AYRO’s planned growth beyond the U.S. and North America into Europe speaks to our global vision of purpose-built electric vehicles designed for a multitude of commercial applications,” said Rod Keller, CEO of AYRO, Inc. “We believe that the Club Car 411 electric truck is an ideal solution for worldwide goals for sustainability through carbon reduction, alleviating urban congestion, and providing cost-effective electric last mile vehicles. AYRO’s partnership with Club Car is the key to our planned expansion of AYRO purpose-built electric fleet vehicles into international markets. Further, we believe that places like Europe are well suited for compact, high-quality, high-payload electric vehicles to fulfill urban and campus-based applications. The global need for sustainability exists in commercial markets around the world. We believe that the Club Car 411 built by AYRO is an excellent sustainable solution for a broad variety of uses, whether that’s here in the North America or in places like Europe.”

AYRO also plans to introduce additional compact electric vehicles to European fleet opportunities in the future, seeking greater autonomy and eye-catching promotional applications. With a top speed of up to 80 km/h (50 mph) and a range of up to 80 km (50 miles), these all-electric vehicles, currently street legal in parts of North America, should be an excellent solution for urban customers seeking to minimize operating costs while allowing AYRO to generate brand retention and awareness through the noticeable design of the AYRO’s zero gas emission vehicles.