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Apple Prepares To Launch Its Own Electric Vehicle

Consumer electronics giant, Apple, is preparing the launch of its own electric vehicle in 2024 with breakthrough self-developed battery technology.

The new battery technology would incorporate so-called ‘mono cell’ design in order to free up space in the battery pack, making it possible to build smaller batteries with more capacity and longer driving range for the vehicle.

Known as ‘project Titan’ the technology could be the ‘next big thing’ – something as unexpected as when Apple came out with the first iPhone.

Apple has been experimenting with autonomous cars since 2017, running a fleet of around fifty cars of mostly Lexus RX450h hybrid cars to test autonomous driving software. However, focus has now shifted to the new battery technology project and the launch of its own electric vehicle, New Mobility reports.

It’s not clear whether the computer and smartphone manufacturer would assemble an Apple-branded car itself or outsource it to an established carmaker, that would incorporate the new battery technology.

According to speculations, Apple’s Taiwan-based partner, Foxconn, could be a candidate. Foxconn has recently announced it is developing an electric vehicle assembly plant, with solid-state batteries that can accommodate different carmakers’ needs and specifications.