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TurnOnGreen and Endliss Power Team up to Expand EV Charging Infrastructure Across North America

TurnOnGreen, Inc. (“TurnOnGreen” or the “Company”), announced today a strategic partnership with Endliss Power Inc (“EPI”), a cutting-edge e-commerce and renewable energy company based in San Francisco, California. The collaboration marks a milestone for the Company as it seeks to expand its networked electric vehicle (“EV”) charging infrastructure across North America, leveraging EPI’s expertise in administering and executing power purchase agreements with commercial clients.

Under this partnership, TurnOnGreen and EPI will deliver comprehensive sustainability solutions for installing, operating, and maintaining utility-scale solar power, energy storage systems, and EV charging stations. These solutions will come with minimal up-front costs for commercial customers. This partnership aligns with the growing demand for renewable energy and sustainable mobility and will attempt to support the transition to cleaner transportation across North America.

EPI is a US-based renewable energy solution provider that specializes in distributing clean energy products, including solar panels and energy storage systems. Additionally, EPI is an authorized distributor of solar products from the Chinese electric car maker, BYD.

“We are pleased to partner with Endliss Power to expand our sustainability product portfolio and provide prospective clients with a diverse range of purchasing options for EV charging infrastructure,” said Marcus Charuvastra, President of TurnOnGreen. “Building robust and reliable EV charging infrastructure in this economic climate requires creative partnerships with experienced renewable energy companies.”

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association1, solar accounted for 48% of all new electricity-generating capacity added to the US grid through the first three quarters of 2023. Wood Mackenzie, a global provider of data and analytics for the energy transition, expects the US solar industry to have grown by 55% in 2023 compared to the prior year.

TurnOnGreen Chief Executive Officer Amos Kohn stated, “As we embark on this strategic partnership with EPI, we’re aiming to pioneer a path towards a more sustainable future. By combining our expertise and proficiency in EV charging solutions with EPI’s advanced solar and energy storage solutions, we’re striving to deliver more than just a product. Our goal is to offer a holistic, comprehensive solution that addresses both present and future energy needs. This collaboration reflects our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and community engagement.” Mr. Kohn further emphasized, “Together, we’re not just charging vehicles; we’re aiming to drive transformative change.”