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Terra Charge Rolls Out Two New 3.3 kW EV Chargers to Cater to Fleet Operators, Premium Properties, Hotel Parking Lots

Terra Charge, an EV charging infrastructure development company and Charging Point Operator (CPO), has launched two new in-house 3.3kW EV chargers — Kiwami and Takumi, one designed for fleet operators and another for premium properties and hotel parking lots — in order to cater to the charging needs of the USD 34.80 billion Indian EV market.


Terra Charge 3.3 kW Electric Vehicle charger: Details

Kiwami: The Kiwali 3.3kW AC charger with iron body is designed to support the needs of smart fleet charging hubs.

Takumi: The Takumi 3.3kW AC charger with plastic body is tailored to meet the charging demand of high-end condominiums and hotel parking lots.

The company has leveraged its Japanese manufacturing R&D team’s insights to create these chargers, and manufactured them entirely in India using locally sourced components, supporting the spirit of the ‘Make in India’ initiative.


Terra Charge 3.3 kW Electric Vehicle charger: Specifications

Terra Charge states that the in-house chargers boast Japanese technology-integrated quality assurance and have been rigorously tested for durability. The company says that it has conducted extensible tests for durability and efficiency to check performance under harsh outdoor weather conditions.

Both chargers feature a P 54 Protection Levels which adds to their durability and ensures an efficient charging experience compared to low-quality chargers. They are also equipped with advanced communication functions including BLE, 4G, and WiFi to facilitate connectivity with mobile applications and hardware.

Users can access the highly customized EV chargers through the Terra Charge Mobile Application for a swift charging experience.

Talking about the products, Akihiro Ueda, CEO of Terra Charge, said, “The launch of our two new Made in India chargers – Kiwami and Takumi – is our company’s strategic response to the growing demand for convenient charging solutions in India amid rising environmental challenges. We have created a distinct identity in the EV market by integrating advanced Japanese technology into all our product offerings. With the Indian Government aiming to convert 100 per cent of commercial mobility vehicles to electric vehicles by 2025, the demand for high-quality EV chargers has soared. By catering to this demand, Terra Charge aims to support the growth of the EV ecosystem in India and emerge in the top 5 EV players in the Indian market.”

The company exploring new partnerships to deploy advanced EV chargers and aims to further expand its presence in India’s Electric Vehicle Charging Station Market which is estimated to turn USD 5.6 billion in size by 2026.