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Servotech Leads The Way In EV Charging Technology

Servotech Power Systems Limited, the EV charger manufacturer in India, showcased its extensive range of EV DC fast chargers at the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit in Abu Dhabi. The 3-day summit, in collaboration with their Middle East distribution and marketing partner Al Ansari Motors, enables Servotech to expand its global presence and gain insights into the charging needs of EV owners across different regions.  

Raman Bhatia, Founder and Managing Director, Servotech Power Systems Limited, expressed excitement about exhibiting a range of high-performance Servotech EV chargers at EVIS 2023. He considers this opportunity as another significant achievement in their journey within the global EV charging sector. He mentioned their past participation in exhibitions in various international locations like London and America, where they observed the increasing popularity of electric vehicles among customers. Bhatia emphasised their commitment to ensuring the easy availability of top-quality charging solutions for all EV owners.  

By collaborating with Al Ansari Motors, Servotech aims to contribute to the region’s goal of achieving zero-emission travel through innovative charging solutions. The ongoing Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit in Abu Dhabi signifies the city’s readiness to embrace the transition to e-mobility, and the development of commercial charging infrastructure is expected to encourage more buyers to switch to EVs. Bhatia believes that the summit will serve as a significant step towards sustainable mobility and international business growth for Servotech.