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Meet the HiPhi A, an All-electric Four-door Hypercar from China

Chinese automaker HiPhi has revealed the HiPhi A, a limited-production electric hypercar. The HiPhi A is the fourth car in the HiPhi range after the X, Y, and Z. Built in collaboration with WESAIL New Energy Automotive, the HiPhi A will use pre-existing tech from its Apollo hypercar project and HiPhi’s own battery and motors.

HiPhi A Design

Building off the design of the HiPhi Z, the HiPhi A takes things up a notch with its hyper-aggressive and futuristic styling. Wide front and rear fenders give it a purposeful stance, while the aggressive aerodynamic elements add an element of race car theatre. A wide carbonfibre rear wing towers over the car to add visual drama and, of course, downforce. The bodywork is a mix of matte paint and carbon fibre, which is meant to accentuate the lines of the HiPhi A.

The rear doors on the HiPhi A are rear-hinged and also feature a LED digital display, which drivers can use to send other road users custom messages. The HiPhi A also uses aircraft-grade titanium alloy in its exterior and interior trim pieces.

HiPhi A Interior

The driver-focused cockpit of the HiPhi A is a mix of carbonfibre and titanium alloy design elements and an impressive array of ambient lighting fixtures. Front and centre is a large infotainment screen supported by the HiPhi Bot, which uses robotic arms to tilt and rotate the screen as per the driver’s preferences. Rear-seat passengers are also said to get spacious accommodations to make the HiPhi A a true four-seater.

HiPhi A Powertrain

The HiPhi A uses a high-performance battery and motors developed in-house by HiPhi. It employs one motor at the front axle and two at the rear axle for a total output of 1287bhp. The motors are capable of spinning at ultra-high speeds of up to 22,000rpm thanks to carbonfibre rotors, oil cooling, and magnetic cylinder coil direct cooling. The high-performance motors can also run at high output levels for up to 30 minutes at a time.

The HiPhi A’s battery pack is equally impressive and can discharge a maximum of 1.5 megawatts of peak power. To protect the battery pack, HiPhi uses a carbonfibre bullet-proof bottom shield and a fireproof sprayed top cover. HiPhi claims that the HiPhi A will accelerate from 0 to 100kmph in just over two seconds and is targeting a top speed in excess of 300kmph.

HiPhi A Chassis

Harnessing the power of the HiPhi A is the brand’s latest advanced chassis technology, like rear wheel steering, CDC continuously variable damping, and carbon ceramic brakes. The HiPhi A also boasts a near 50:50 weight distribution and torque vectoring technology to improve handling.

The HiPhi brand was founded in 2017 and made its debut in Europe earlier this year. The limited-production HiPhi A is slated to enter production in early 2025.