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Medigus Subsidiary Completes Wireless EV Charging System

Medigus Ltd. (NASDAQ:MDGS), an Israel-based technology company, announced today that its subsidiary, Charging Robotics Ltd, has completed the installation of a novel wireless charging system for electric vehicles (EVs) in an automated parking system in Tel Aviv. This system is touted as the first of its kind for such facilities, according to the company.

Charging Robotics Ltd, part of Fuel Doctor Holdings, Inc. (OTC:FDOC), and majority-owned by Medigus, designed the system to address the challenge of charging EVs in automatic car parks where vehicles are constantly on the move, making cable charging impractical. The newly installed system boasts a charging power of 10kW and includes managed charging capabilities, which allow it to adapt to a limited electricity supply and prioritize charging processes.

The system operates through a user interface on the driver’s smartphone, which controls the system and provides updates on charging status, billing reports, and other relevant information. The technology enables the transfer of electricity wirelessly from the building’s grid to a plate where the vehicle is parked, using electromagnetic induction. Regular cables then connect from the plate to the vehicle, allowing for the charging of EVs without wireless charging capabilities.

Automatic car parks are becoming more popular in dense urban areas as they maximize space by storing a larger number of vehicles compared to traditional parking facilities. The vehicles are moved and stored using elevators and conveyors, making manual connection of charging cables impossible at the final parking position.

The installation of this system follows a previous announcement and is part of a pilot project to test the system’s performance. Charging Robotics and Medigus believe that this innovation could solve a significant problem for the increasing number of EVs using automated parking systems.

Medigus, with interests in advanced medical solutions, digital commerce, and the electric vehicle market, sees this development as a step forward in its portfolio of technology solutions. The company’s involvement in the EV market includes Charging Robotics Ltd. and Revoltz Ltd., through Fuel Doctor Holdings, Inc.