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Jio Said To Be In Talks With Tesla To Set Up ‘Private Network’ At India EV Plant

Reliance Jio is reportedly engaged in discussions with Tesla as the electric vehicle company explores the possibility of establishing a manufacturing plant in India. As reported by the Financial Express, industry sources have said that Reliance Jio has offered to build a captive private network exclusively for Tesla’s factory, managing critical operations and enabling faster speeds. The proposed network would also support connected car solutions and automate production processes. While talks between the two companies are in the early stages, further developments are expected once Tesla finalises its plans for manufacturing in India. 


The report further added that an anonymous executive from Jio mentioned that the company is actively engaging with enterprises in various industries, including automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing, to explore possible use cases for 5G connectivity. Jio aims to offer network-building and management services to these industries. 

A captive private 5G network would provide enterprises with high-speed data and increased capacity within their premises, which may not be achievable with public networks. Implementing such solutions would enable companies to leverage the benefits of Industry 4.0, a transformative technology within the manufacturing sector. 

A Qualcomm white paper previously highlighted three key advantages of private networks. Firstly, they ensure coverage in remote locations where commercial network coverage is limited. Secondly, private networks provide greater control, allowing enterprises to implement configurations not supported by public networks while maintaining the security of sensitive operational data. Lastly, private 5G networks can deliver improved performance profiles. 

As previously reported, Tesla has shifted its approach and is now considering manufacturing in India without insisting on a reduction in import duties for completely built units, which currently stand at 100 per cent for cars priced above $40,000. A team from Tesla, including supply chain executives who have developed a manufacturing plan for India, recently held discussions with key ministries and officials in the Prime Minister’s Office.