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IIT-Jodhpur Develops Special Adaptor to Charge EVs Using Solar Panels

IIT-Jodhpur has developed a special adaptor that will allow users to charge their electric vehicles using solar power.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in February said his government was aiming to create a system in which people can recharge their electric vehicles from the power they generate from rooftop solar systems.

The adaptor, likely to be priced below Rs 1,000, could prove to be very effective if the solar panel initiative is a success, Nishant Kumar, Assistant Professor at the Electrical Engineering Department at IIT Jodhpur said.

People are increasingly looking towards buying EVs and currently, the government is also providing subsidies for them, Kumar said.

“On one side, our charging adaptor will be connected to the solar panel and on the other, to the charger provided by the company. It includes two points that will supply power according to the requirement,” Kumar said.

Currently, extracting maximum power from a solar panel without a power converter is challenging and a charging adaptor is needed for this. The charger provided by the company cannot draw power from a solar panel and operate it, Kumar said.

To address this issue, several countries, including India, are working on solutions, Kumar said, adding developing charging infrastructure in the next five years would be challenging.

Therefore, countries such as the US, Canada, China, Russia, India, and Australia, are planning to install rooftop solar panels, he said.

This plan involves placing a solar panel on a pole with an attached solar socket. The responsibility of operating these will lie with the EV companies, he added.

The lack of sufficient charging stations and resources for EVs is a major concern for potential buyers as the batteries discharge quickly. During travel, especially in hilly and remote areas, this problem becomes more pronounced, Kumar said.

This adaptor will work with all types of vehicles and a prototype has been created and tested successfully, Kumar said, adding it will be launched in the market soon.