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Hyundai KONA Electric Car Caught Fire, Exploded, Claims Man; Company Reacts

Weeks after Hyundai’s much-awaited EV KONA electric car was launched in India, a news of alleged fire and explosion incident in the electric car is going viral on the internet and social media. Reportedly, the alleged fire and explosion in Kona electric took place in Montreal (Canada). 

According to a report by CBC news, KONA electric car allegedly caught fire and exploded inside a residential garage in Île-Bizard on Friday. The report says that no one was injured, and Montreal firefighters are investigating the matter.

The car’s owner Piero Cosentino says that he had just bought KONA electric car in March. “The car wasn’t charging, it wasn’t even plugged in,” claims Cosentino. The electric car is powered by lithium batteries.

Company’s reaction: What Hyundai Canada says?

Reacting to the Kona electric alleged fire and explosion incident, Hyundai Canada said, “We will fully cooperate with the investigation and will take measures to ensure the safety of our customers.”

Priced at Rs 25.30 lakhs (ex-showroom), Hyundai KONA electric car was launched in India on 9th July. It is India’s First Fully Electric SUV- KONA Electric. It is tagged as the First long Range Green SUV with 452 Kms/Charge.