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Chipmaker ADI to Boost NEV Growth in China

Analog Devices, Inc, a chipmaker based in the United States, is stepping up efforts to explore deeper into the Chinese vehicle market as the automotive industry is shifting fast towards electrification.

Xu Zhibin, general manager for Automotive, Communications, and Consumer Business of ADI China, said China has achieved stunning achievements in the sector, with NEVs expected to account for 35 percent of total vehicle sales in China this year.

“The rapid development of the NEV sector has attracted many chipmakers like us to present their state-of-the-art chips at the China International Import Expo,” he said.

On average, a new energy vehicle requires around 2,000 chips, roughly two to three times the number of chips used in a gasoline vehicle, and the fast rise of the NEV sector in China has created huge growth opportunities for chipmakers.

By the end of September this year, there were 18.21 million NEVs on Chinese roads, said Xu Erman, deputy secretary-general of the China EV 100, which is an industry think tank.

She estimates that China’s annual NEV sales are expected to reach 15 million units by 2025 and the figure will grow to 25 million units by 2030.

Xu Zhibin said as the automotive industry is fast evolving, ADI is highlighting three aspects of safety, low power consumption and smart applications to help foster the sector’s growth.

“We have made chips, even those for infotainment, durable and reliable, with redundancy taken into consideration, to meet the demand of the vehicles as they will be updated,” he said.

ADI has also been working on battery management, which is crucial for NEVs, for over a decade, said the company.

Late last month, it partnered with Chinese bus maker Yutong to develop a wireless battery management system, which will be used in its electric vehicles.