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Charging Infrastructure Important For Transition To EVs

New Delhi: A robust network of charging infrastructure is vital for the transition from internal combustion engine (ICE)-based vehicles to electric vehichles a senior government official said on Thursday. Abhay Bakre, Director General (DG) of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), under the Ministry of Power, made the remarks at India Energy Storage Week (IESW) 2023 in the national capital.

“The biggest challenge for e-mobility is to replace a well-established ICE vehichles system. The solution lies in a robust public charging infrastructure. With the economy of scale, we can bring down the costs of batteries, EV charging components etc. and make the EV transition a success story just as India did with the smartphone revolution,” the official said.
Bakre also emphasised the need to generate public awareness for the adoption of EVs for various purposes. Electric vehicles (EVs) will play a major role in the future of transportation. In India, EV sales more than tripled to 10.54 lakh units in 2022.

BEE, under the Ministry of Power, promotes the use of energy-efficient processes, equipment, devices and systems. It takes various steps to encourage preferential treatment for the use of energy -efficient equipment or appliances.

Besides it promotes innovative financing of energy efficiency projects and gives financial assistance to institutions for promoting efficient use of energy and its conservation.