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Audi India Launches Industry’s First “Charge My Audi” Initiative

One of the prominent German car manufacturers, Audi has launched a new industry-first initiative known as “Charge My Audi”. This is a one-stop solution for assisting Audi e-tron customers in charging their vehicles for free till August 2023. 

Moreover, this initiative provides access to multiple electric vehicle charging partners enhancing the convenience of its customers. 

The Charge My Audi is an innovative service that provides a seamless and convenient experience to Audi e-tron owners. With this feature, customers can effortlessly plan their journey by accessing a comprehensive map of charging stations along their route. The users can find the available charging point in the Charge My Audi section provided in the My Audi Connect App. 

Moreover, the service streamlines the payment process by offering a single payment gateway, ensuring a hassle-free transaction. Currently, there are already 750+ charge points available on Charge My Audi. However, the brand will expand its network with more charging points scheduled over the coming weeks and months.