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Acer Ventures Into The Electric Vehicle Market With Muvi-125-4g

Acer, known for its electronics and computer products, is now expanding into the electric vehicle (EV) market in India. The company plans to launch its first EV model, the MUVI-125-4G, under the Acer brand. This marks Acer’s entry into the sustainable urban mobility sector. 

The MUVI-125-4G is designed and manufactured by Think eBikeGo Private limited, a company that specializes in sustainable urban mobility solutions. The electric two-wheeler offers elegance, efficiency, and eco-friendliness for urban commuters. It features European technology and is manufactured in India. With its swappable batteries, lightweight chassis, 16-inch wheels, and customizable features, the MUVI-125-4G provides a seamless and versatile ride for urban environments. 

This move signifies Acer’s commitment to sustainability and addressing the growing demand for electric vehicles in India. The company plans to introduce more electric 2 and 3-wheelers under the Acer brand, including e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-trikes. Acer aims to offer a wide range of electric mobility solutions for consumers in the future. 

The partnership between Acer and Think eBikeGo Private limited establishes a long-term program. Think eBikeGo will handle product development, marketing, and customer support for the licensed branded products. The exact terms of the agreement remain confidential. 

With the launch of the MUVI-125-4G, Acer aims to contribute to the future of urban commuting by providing efficient and sustainable transportation options. The EV model offers a top speed of 75kmph and a range of 80km. As Acer expands its EV lineup, it aims to be a significant player in the Indian electric vehicle market.